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What to Expect

From the moment you call for your first one-hour appointment with Renuva HRT & Wellness, our staff will make you feel at home.

Initial Consultation

Prior to your initial appointment, we will email you health history forms to complete. It is important to send these back prior to your appointment as your history and symptoms are reviewed by our practitioners to assure that we have all the information needed to have a productive first visit.

We also will send a script for routine lab work to be performed prior to your visit. We need the results to assess where your labs are currently and how to treat you moving forward. The test results will provide a baseline for your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

At Renuva, we aim to treat the whole patient, from their psychology to their biology.

During a patient’s initial consultation, we will discuss your symptoms, personal and medical history, and emotional and psychological well-being. This first appointment will take about one hour. Our practitioners will determine your starting dose based on data from a worldwide patient population and test your hormonal levels through a laboratory for a baseline to prescribe. Rarely does someone need regular blood tests to follow hormone levels.

At Renuva,we aim to treat the whole patient, from their psychology to their biology. As a new patient, our staff will monitor how you adjust to your new hormonal medications and any needed adjustments. As treatment is highly personalized, you may need a slight “boost” if you continue to experience symptoms. 

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in pellet form, women return every three to five months to restore hormone levels, and men return every five to seven months to help assure physical, emotional and sexual vitality. 

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